Pirates just got upgraded...

“We are not mere pirates, we are merchants as well. See lads, we’re selling something far more valuable than commodities of silver, or the gain thereof of fine gold. We are offering the wisdom of a better way of life and the means to participate in our rebellion. At every port we visit, we recruit allies for our movement. We put forth maximum effort in our interactions to share our wealth, sing, dance, and make epic merriment. So much so that they sing our songs, compose our tales, wave our flags, and share our deeds with new generations. While they can’t join us by sea, they support us in their hearts and homes. Even in death, we live on as they dress like us, be like us, and desire anything that’s associated with us. Mark my words, more than anything else, we are selling our legends.” – Captain Pyrite


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Guitar with Captain Pyrite Art